Jun 24, 2011

Big Recruiting Weekend

4 star DE Chris Wormley
Big weekend for UM on the recruiting side of things. 2 big time recruits will be visiting and Michigan has a good shot at both of them. First off, Chris Wormley, 4 star DE out of Toledo. Great athlete and it would be a great pickup. He has been considered a Michigan lock for a while now, but for some reason hasn't committed. We may here from him after this weekend.
Next we have Kyle Kalis, someone I want now more than ever after he decommitted from ohio. He's a 5 star OL playing at 6-5, 305. He would definitely help boost this recruiting class into the top 5. He's also never seen Ann Arbor, and generally, recruits first visit to AA is an eye opener. He's probably not on commitment watch yet, because he has a couple more scheduled visits this summer, but this visit could go a long way in making a lasting impression on this kid. And when we steal him from ohio, it makes the victory so much sweeter. In an indirect sort of way, this could also provide some recruiting help with 5 star RB Brionte Dunn.
Caleb Stacey, a 2012 UM commit will also be taking a visit this weekend. This should definitely help as I am sure he will be in Kalis's ear all weekend about how great Michigan is. Hopefully he can instill some hate for ohio. Who knows.
4 star S Jarrod Wilson
Some other guys that I am excited to hear about are S Jarrod Wilson, and OL Paul Thurston. Wilson is planning on deciding at the end of June. He is between Mich, ND, and PSU. Definitely have a good shot at him. Thurston visited back in early May and is planning on a decision in the upcoming weeks. The 6-5/275 Colorado native would be a great pickup for Michigan.
Should be interesting, as will next week when we should have some more big recruits coming in. More on that next week.

Go Blue

Jun 23, 2011


Let me start by saying I can't freakin' wait. Every year I spend a solid 3 months dedicating my life to kicking ass in NCAA Football. After checking out the website over at EA, I have gathered a few cool things that you may want to know.

Coaching Carousel
Wow. Check this out. Now, when you start a dynasty, you have the option to pick whatever team you want like usual, or you can choose to work your way through the coaching carousel. How it works is you start at a relatively weak coaching position. For example, let's take Marshall. You can choose to be the Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, or Head Coach. If you choose Head Coach, you will start with a lower job security rating. So lets say I decided to be an OC. In this case, I would only be responsible for the offensive (the defense would be simulated) and I would have to accomplish goals on my contract to improve my job security and coaching prestige, which starts at a D+. Improved coach prestige helps with recruiting, new job opportunities and player development. After a good season, I have (hypothetically) gone 9-3 and my coaching prestige has raised enough to the point where I landed a job at Louisville through the coaching carousel. It is a series of chain reactions that begins with firings and eventually can present you with a new coaching opportunity. Eventually, you can work your way up to your "Dream Job" (UM of course) and stay there as long as you dont get fired for poor performance. Pretty cool if you ask me. Check out the video if you want to see what it looks like. Coaching Carousel

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Great article. I'm excited to see the T Woolf uncaged on Sep. 3. 

Wait Nearly Over for Michigan's Woolfolk

Go Blue

72 Days Left Until Opening Kick Off


Go Blue

Jun 22, 2011

Desmond Speaks His Mind

Yeah, you have to read this.

Desmond Howard interview with Omaha

Favorite Quote:

“If Woody Hayes was around now,” Howard says, “I'm thinking he would grab Jim Tressel by the collar and punch him in the throat.”

Recruiting: Who's Next?

After Hoke and company got off to an amazing start this year, Michigan now finds itself with 16 commitments and about 9 spots left to fill, but I listed 10-11 because it is quite possible that we lose a few people to attrition (Check out the Commitment List tab for more info.

IMO, this is how it plays out:

Brionte Dunn
1 QB (Possibly Gunner Kiel although kind of a long shot, Maty Mauk, or Austin Appleby)
1 RB (Brionte Dunn? *fingers crossed* or possibly Alden Hill)
1 FB (E.J. Fatu, also there is talk that Alden Hill may be offered as a fullback)
2 WR (Aaron Burbridge should be blue if he can get his grades in order, also possibly Dwayne Stanford, an OSU lean who wants to play with Adolphus Washington - DE)
2 OL (5-Star -- JORDAN DIAMOND and Eric Olsen, maybe Paul Thurston, and long shot 5 star Andrus Peat)
1 DE (Chris Wormley and/or Adolphus Washington)
1-2 DT (Ondre Pipkens *could also play DE* or Danny O'Brien)
1 S (We may be getting news from Jarrod Wilson in a week or two. I think he's blue)
As you can see, we have taken a Texas-style approach to recruiting. Load up a strong class in the beginning, and then start focusing on next year. We already have locked down projected 5 star QB Shane Morris and he is telling any and everyone about how great UM is. Overall a great kid. I think Hoke is setting this program up to succeed for a very long time. And his key ingredient is... drumroll please... Greg Robinson Mattison. Most recruits want to play in the NFL and no one in college knows the NFL better than Mattison. IMO, he was a more important hire than Hoke (no offense Hoke, you are still very important).