Jun 23, 2011


Let me start by saying I can't freakin' wait. Every year I spend a solid 3 months dedicating my life to kicking ass in NCAA Football. After checking out the website over at EA, I have gathered a few cool things that you may want to know.

Coaching Carousel
Wow. Check this out. Now, when you start a dynasty, you have the option to pick whatever team you want like usual, or you can choose to work your way through the coaching carousel. How it works is you start at a relatively weak coaching position. For example, let's take Marshall. You can choose to be the Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, or Head Coach. If you choose Head Coach, you will start with a lower job security rating. So lets say I decided to be an OC. In this case, I would only be responsible for the offensive (the defense would be simulated) and I would have to accomplish goals on my contract to improve my job security and coaching prestige, which starts at a D+. Improved coach prestige helps with recruiting, new job opportunities and player development. After a good season, I have (hypothetically) gone 9-3 and my coaching prestige has raised enough to the point where I landed a job at Louisville through the coaching carousel. It is a series of chain reactions that begins with firings and eventually can present you with a new coaching opportunity. Eventually, you can work your way up to your "Dream Job" (UM of course) and stay there as long as you dont get fired for poor performance. Pretty cool if you ask me. Check out the video if you want to see what it looks like. Coaching Carousel

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Enhanced Tackling Engine
Not as exciting, but well needed. Gone are the days of getting tackled even though you were never touched. No more magnetic tackles that we have all grown so accustomed to. They have implemented a new system where the tackle animation does not begin until the ball carrier collides with the tackler. Nice addition.

Road to Glory (Updated)
The Road to Glory feature has received some much deserved attention from the developers this year. As usual, you start as a Senior in high school. You play through your season (with a team that you can create on Teambuilder) and list your Top 3 choices for schools. Throughout the season, you will receive offers based on your performance. You also get to choose an offensive and defensive position. For example, lets pretend I have a 6-1 210lb RB/LB. I may get offered scholarships from Oregon, USC, Alabama, and Texas as a RB, and Kentucky, Duke, and ASU as a LB. Then I can make a decision at the end of the year. 
Once I make it to college, lets say I chose ASU because I wanted to play right away, I have to work in practice to earn a starting position. The difference this year is that once you get a starting spot, you need to keep practicing to unlock new abilities like flipping the play, calling audibles, or even making the calls yourself. I really liked these additions and I think it will get me to give Road to Glory another shot. Check it out: Road to Glory

Other Features - Pretty Self Explanatory
Custom Playbooks
Custom Conferences
Smart Zone Coverage
Authentic Game Day Traditions
This just gets me excited for football season. Hope you enjoy.

Go Blue

Bro Schembechler

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